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Ron Swanson's Top Ten List

By June 23, 2011

ron swanson Have you watched the NBC TV Show: Parks and Recreation? It is an absolutely hilarious satire of state and local government, lobbying and politics. The Head of the Parks Department is a character named Ron Swanson. Ron is a libertarian who believes in minimal government, yet he is the head of the parks department. This irony sets up some classic comedy. In any event, Mr. Swanson fiercely defends individual liberties, so does the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. They have just published their annual index of economic and person freedom in the 50 States. I wonder why there is not more lobbying going on around some of the issues raised in this report. For example, in Maryland where I live, we score high on economic freedom but low in personal freedom. For a highly "blue" state, this seems odd to me. Is it that people are unaware of how they are regulated? Does anyone care about personal freedom or even know what that means? Comments are always welcome. You can find the report here. Take the political philosophy quiz. Where do you score? nlan chart


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