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John Hesse

Mr. Hesse is a well-respected Washington advocate. He has a long track record of legislative achievements in both federal and state government relations, notably in the face of heavy opposition. He has managed and directed all aspects of two national government relations/legal departments and achieved name recognition in Washington lobbying circles. Mr. Hesse was a prominent advocate during the debate on permanent normal trade relations with China and has drafted federal and state legislation in a number of areas. He has successfully advocated for the Council of State Governments to adopt a piece of his state legislation as model legislation. For more information, please visit CERO Strategies.


Prior to beginning his own firm, Cero Strategies, LLC, Mr. Hesse was Chief Legal Officer and Vice President of Government and Public Affairs for SOHO Resource Group, Inc. (SOHO). He managed a diverse portfolio including health care, insurance, tax and small business issues for SOHO before Congress, the White House and Cabinet Departments and various state governments. Prior to joining SOHO, Mr. Hesse was Senior Attorney and Director of Government Relations for the Direct Selling Association (DSA). Mr. Hesse managed a coordinated federal and state government relations department directing a synchronized strategy to improve a spirited regulatory environment. Mr. Hesse has also served as the Director of State Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). He represented ASHA before state governments and Congress on issues of concern to ASHA, including health care reform.


Mr. Hesse received his B.A. in American Government from Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania, and his J.D. from Hofstra University in New York.

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